Your Mother's Day Gift Guide!

Your Mother's Day Gift Guide!

Mothers give everything, without any expectation in return, and often times, we fail to appreciate their love or efforts. So for Mother’s Day coming around in few weeks, we’ve put together some great gift ideas for you to celebrate them and show them the appreciation (We know how hard it is to find a gift for those who matter the most for us!) And these are perfectly suitable for any woman you want to celebrate in your life, be it wife, sister, mother-in-law, or even friends!

Start with making their lives easier in the entertaining section when they bring together the whole family: All Mode Living linens are wine and liquid resistant, and they are very easy to use and care for! From items that don’t need any ironing to more luxurious and special fabrics, these will surely become their go-to items when setting the table. Don’t want to get into full tablecloth? No worries- we’ve got plenty of napkins, runners and placemats as well as napkin rings for you to choose from! 

So easy, she won't even notice she's using a tablecloth

For the ultimate effortless entertaining, go for the Essentials collection. Looking chic and luxurious, they are machine washable, and don't need any ironing. It could not get any easier! 
Mode Living easycare sydney tablecloth white Mode Living easycare lisbon tablecloth Mode Living Easycare Soho White Tablecloth

For the classic Mom

Go for the BerlinGeneva, or Prague tablecloths. They are the favorites of any mother (certainly ours!) In different hues of off-white and cream, they are classic linens to always have on hand. See all other styles here


Mode Living Easycare Geneva Tablecloth in Cream Mode Living Easycare Prague Tablecloth with Flowers

For the Fashionista Mother

The Greenwich, Santorini and Positano tablecloths are absolutely a must-have. These are all 100% linen, yet still wine and liquid resistant. (Trust us you’ll want to borrow those from her all the time, but we can’t promise if she will share it with you!) Make her look even more stylish with the matching napkins! 

Mode Living Easycare Greenwich Tablecloth in White Mode Living Easycare Santorini Tablecloth in Blue and White Mode Living Easycare positano tablecloth

For the "I don't do tablecloths" Mom

Not sure you want to go into tablecloths? Pick from any of these placemats or runners with matching napkins. They can be used vertical or horizontal and you definitely can't go wrong with any of these! Tip from us: If you want to get a look that's not full tablecloth but more dressed up than placemats, use the short runners (16x70) across the narrow side of the table. They are wide enough for place settings and will create a dressier look. 
Mode Living easycare greenwich runner in white Mode Living easycare positano runner  Mode Living Amsterdam placemats gray with hemstitch Mode Living capiz shell placemats Mode Living easycare Greenwich linen placemats
Can’t decide? A set of beautiful napkins are always a great gift idea. Go for the pure linen round napkins for a very unique gift item, or the Napa collection for a more fun look, or pick any of the other ones here. There is so much to choose from, you will definitely find something for her! 
Mode Living easycare pure linen white round napkin Mode Living easycare napa napkins in beige Mode Living easycare Greenwich napkins in white
Finally, take it to her with a big smile, and a little note that says thank you... 💌💐
Verda De Eskinazis
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How to care for your linens

At Mode Living, we believe that every meal deserves a well-dressed table- whether for everyday or special occasions, and that entertaining should be effortless and a pleasure for all. We keep this philosophy in mind as we create each collection.

Knowing how to care for your linens will not only prolong their lives but also will help you set up the table more easily too!

Here are some general recommendations that will help you take care of your linens, as well as some collection-specific tips:

  • All Mode Living linens are machine washable (even the linens, but they need more ironing so we recommend dry-clean).
  • Always wash matching linens or sets together (tablecloths and napkins) even if they are not very used, to prevent any color change in the set over time.
  • Wash your linens with like colors, in gentle cycle, with a chlorine-free mild detergent in cold water. Do not use bleach, as it weakens the natural fibers and may cause discoloration.
  • Delicate items (lace, linens with tassels or other embroidery) should be washed in a garment bag.
  • Pre-treat stains before washing in the machine, and as fresh as possible. You can refer to our tips here to remove stains. (link to blog)
  • If possible, we recommend air-drying the linens by laying them on a flat surface. This will help your linens to dry with as little wrinkling as possible. If you need to dry them in the machine, we recommend tumble dry in low heat, and until slightly damp. This will prevent the wrinkles to set in your linens, and will make ironing much easier.
  • Check that your iron is clean, as mineral deposits can build up and cause stains. Empty out all the water in your iron after use.
  • Follow the settings of your iron for the appropriate fabric of the linens. Pure linens will require hot setting, while poly-cottons may not need as much heat.
  • Use the steam of the iron when necessary, that will give an extra help to your linens.
  • Always store large tablecloths rolled, as creases may become permanent over time.

le blanc linen wash for tablecloth care

We like using Le Blanc's Linen Wash that is specifically designed for the laundering of luxury and every day linens. Free of phosphates, sulfates, bleach, caustics or paragons they're meant to be used in cold water, to prevent any shrinkage and damaging delicate materials with heat.


Essentials Collection:

The Essentials require the easiest care: Machine wash with chlorine-free detergent, in cold temperature. The linens will come out damp from the machine; you can lay them out flat to completely dry, and just fold. You may wash them in warmer temperatures, but in general there is no need to, and if you need to dry in the machine, tumble dry low.


Modern Lifestyle:

This collection is also very similar to the Essentials in terms of care, so you can follow those instructions. For some styles like Lima or Palm Beach, ironing will help your linens settle and stay more crisp. Again, we recommend air-drying and ironing while damp.


Luxury Classics:

The poly-cotton linens in this collection are easily machine washable. Check out our general recommendations for taking care of your lines. We do recommend ironing them slightly, so they maintain that lux look and feel.

While the linens are also machine washable, the tablecloths will be wrinkled once out of the machine. We do recommend air-drying, and ironing while damp. Linen tablecloths may be better suited for dry cleaning, however the napkins, placemats and runners can be easily ironed.

We recommend storing your linens nicely folded, or you may choose to hang them on hangers as well. Should you choose to hang, please check that they are evenly distributed on the hanger, and not creased.

Verda De Eskinazis
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mode living easycare tablecloth cartagena lime color corner shot

How do I know what size tablecloth for my table?

We get this question all the time, so much so, we decided to create a special guide in helping you decide which is the best tablecloth size for your table!

In a casual setting, it's standard to have about 6 inches of overhang on all sides of the table. A more formal setting may use 9-15 inches of overhang. We recommend going with a 9-10 inches of drop for a more contemporary setting, and 14-15 inches for a more traditional or formal setting. Regardless of whichever drop you choose, we suggest having an equal drop on both sides as much as possible. 

If you do not know the size of your table, and need to guesstimate, below is what we generally recommend based on the number of chairs around your dining room table. If you're not sure what to go with, just ask us, and we'll be more than happy to help you find the right size! Once you do figure out the size, you can get the right tablecloth here

Tablecloth Size (in)

Number Of Chairs

70” Round or 70” Square


70 x 90


70 x 108


70 x 128


70 x 144


70 x 162


70 x 180


70 x 200


80 x 80


90 Round


Tania Kooros
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sheer striped white linen tablecloth

Why Mode Living? Because every meal deserves a well-dressed table…

It all really started with dinner parties, lots and lots of dinner parties, and not a whole lot of variety of linens on the market to choose from. Not to mention, the ones that I was purchasing were either pilling or filled with wine stains!

As I was preparing for yet another dinner, I relayed to my dear friend, Verda, at the time living in Turkey, my linen situation here in the US, and she came up with the solution: Luxury, easycare, wine-resistant linens…all made in Turkey. Everyone uses them here, she said, you should try them too! And with that, came a few tablecloths, and a few more, and here we are, with quite a large selection of our own unique tablecloths to share with others, who also have an affinity for entertaining. Having grown up in a Persian household, entertaining is in my blood and very much a part of my culture and for Verda, having grown up in Turkey, is a natural at it, so much so, I used to call her a “Modern Martha.” Now, Modern Martha and I have launched into an entirely new sphere of work, one filled with lots of highs, and some lows, and most of all, lots of passion for what we do.

As both passionate about entertaining and valuing quality meals, we know how difficult it can be to clean up after a dinner party, or how upsetting it is to ruin your favorite linen with a wine stain. So we created a collection that is versatile to use- whether it’s for when your girlfriends come over for a coffee, or when you have your in-laws for dinner- and easy to care for: We’ve made them wine and liquid resistant so you can easily wipe those spills away and most of them machine washable and not needing much ironing.  (Stayed tuned for more detailed tips about how to care for your linens 😊)

From everyday staples, use-for-anytime-with-anything placemats and runners to fancier table linens, we’ve got you covered with Mode Living. Beautiful tablesettings shouldn’t be just for the Holidays or special occasions, or take half of your day to prep for it, but one that you can put together effortlessly, whether it’s for everyday or an occasion. Because every meal deserves a table that’s well dressed for it.

Tania Kooros
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