Set the mood for love

Roses are red, violets are blue…

We all know how that goes. Every year, when February comes around, we start thinking about Valentine’s Day, and how we will make it special for our significant ones. Every day is Valentine’s when you’re with loved ones, but life can get busy and we don’t always think about how much we love them, let alone expressing it. So this year, create the space for love, and make it a little bit more special with just some simple touches!


  1. Set the table for two. Take out your favorite linens and dinnerware to create an intimate setting.
  2. Add fresh flowers for the center piece. You know me, I’m a huge fan of adding fresh flowers to any tablesetting. You don’t have to go for fancy flowers, you can just throw petals nonchalantly to add some romance.
  3. Light some candles. Candles are great way to set the mood for romance. Ideally, you’d want to go for unscented or natural scented candles. and yes, any candles will do.
  4. Put on your favorite music, and maybe you could fancy a dance after dinner.
  5. Add a handwritten love note. This, I think what makes Valentine’s special. Take the time to write a little note and let your significant other know how much you love and appreciate them. Life can get in the way of expressing love, so make it an intention this year to do so.