Trending Now: Fall Entertaining

Home entertaining is not just about serving delicious food: it's about crafting an experience that reflects your hospitality. As the leaves change, temperatures cool down and autumn holidays approach, we move indoors and embrace the cozy vibes of the season. 

We put together some elements to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere at your home:

1. Natural Elements: Adding natural elements like wood, stone and rustic materials make your tablesetting more cozy and inviting. Wooden chargers, autumn floral centerpieces and earthy color schemes can add that sense of warmth.

2. Seasonal colors: Fall is associated with warm and rich colors like oranges, browns, taupes and earthy greens. Using these colors on your tablesetting can create an earthy look and feel and warm the atmosphere.

Pictured: Cambridge Napkins & Tilde Placemats

3. Textures: We are a huge fan of adding textures whether on placemats, napkins or napkin rings, and Mode Living enthusiasts can immediately confirm that! Textures like handmade or woven placemats, accessories can add a subtle warmth and depth to your table. 


Pictured: Aloha Placemats, Cesto Placemats, Savannah Napkins

4. Metallic accents: Metallics are usually associated with festive holiday table settings, but they can also create just enough glamour to your table when you aren't setting for the holidays. Just add a touch of metallics to create the quiet luxury look you want on the table. 

Take a look at our metallics for some inspiration here

Pictured: Sedona Runners

5. Mix and Match: At Mode Living, we're all about mixing different patterns and styles of linens and dinnerware. Try mixing florals with earthy greens, or handmade placemats with metallics. Not only you can create a look unique to yourself but you can also create different settings with various items. 

Pictured: Venice Napkins & Lanai placemats

Mode Living's curated collection of table decor will help you create a tablescape that captures the essence of autumn while adding a touch of welcoming elegance. Remember that ultimately, your tablesetting reflects your personal style and touch, so don't hesitate to go out of your way to create your unique look!