5 Ways to Create a Pretty Tablesetting When You Are At Home

5 Ways to Create a Pretty Tablesetting When You Are At Home

Entertaining during a pandemic has taken a whole new look and feel. It’s no longer entertaining the way we knew it- no more friends coming over or big birthdays or dinner parties, but more having small get-togethers with our immediate families and intimate friends. Yet, as we are spending so much more time at home, it’s become more important to create a pretty tablesettting, even when there is no occasion to celebrate or formally “entertain”. It’s almost like having a new self-care routine. Set a pretty tablesetting for yourself (even if it is dinner for one!) and treat yourself to a visual feast. Enjoy the time with the people who matter to you most sitting around the table, and make it pretty and easy too. You may be surprised but setting the table can be very meditative and fulfilling too. All you need to do is to take a look at your linen closet, decorative objects you have at home and put your creative mind to use.

Accessorize your table with your home decor items

That favorite scented candle sitting on your coffee table can now be the centerpiece of your dining table. So is the vase where you usually have fresh flowers. This is completely about giving a second life to your decorative objects in your house. We usually prefer using objects that are lower in height to prevent blocking the other people around the table. Have a look around your house, what else can make its way to the dining table and get a second look?  

Create a "custom look" with all the mismatch napkins

You look at your linen closet and suddenly realize all your napkins are different, and not one has a pair and you ask yourself how and when did that happen. We've all been there, and know what that feels like. How about mixing all of them, and creating a "custom look" for your guests with their individual napkins? Everybody knows which one is their own napkin, and furthermore, you can customize their setting. You might be surprised but it will add humor and be a great conversation for the dinner too!

Make your own placecards

Placecards are great addition to the tablesetting especially when you are hosting a large group and want to mix the crowd for interesting conversations or introductions (date setups too!) They're pretty simple and easy to make. Especially if you have kids at home, this is the perfect art project that will entertain them and make them proud to show their work. It's a win for everyone!

You set the table, and realize you don't have any napkin rings...

No problem, the nature is here to help! I am a huge fan of adding an element of nature to the dining table, whether it is a floral center piece or decor, and sometimes it can be in the form of napkin rings too. Living in the city, I don't have access to a garden but I always have fresh flowers at home. So I cut out few petals and place them on the napkins as a finishing touch. If you do have a garden, thin leaves that you can tie around the napkins will work just as perfect as napkin rings. 

Also, remember where you put those ribbons from previous shopping trips? They can be quite handy as you are setting your table. Just use them as napkin rings, and voila! And if that doesn't work, you can fold the napkins like this so you won't even need napkin rings on the table. 


Decorate your food with herbs, fruits, greens.

Because even the food that you ordered in or defrosted from your freezer will look like it’s made by a professional chef when you add a little bit of decor to it. Personally, herbs and fruits are my go-to additions, depending on the colors of the food.

In the end, however way you decide to set your table, it will have your personal touch and make it even more memorable especially these days. 

Verda De Eskinazis