How to Create the Ultimate Thanksgiving Tablesetting

Create the ultimate Thanksgiving tablesetting that’s elegant, festive but also warm and inviting! 

A lot goes into hosting Thanksgiving- from the food and the tablescapes, to the guests! We wanted to make it simple for you, so you can enjoy hosting with minimal effort of setup and clean up (yes- that’s true!). That’s truly our mission at Mode Living. We narrowed it down to few items, so once you have these sorted out, all you need is just the food and the guests, and enjoying this time of the year with the people you love around the table.


Choose your Base:

Whether you’re opting for a tablecloth, or placemats, choosing the base will help you center your planning. With many options, it might be easy to get lost but here are few tips:

A winter white is always chic

Tablecloth makes the setting slightly more formal, but makes it easier to add that last minute plus one!

Go bold with patterns and gold. It’s the Holidays in the end, why not!


Bianca Collection


Add your décor:

Depending on your base, you may decide to go heavier or more simple on the décor. My favorite is adding little pumpkins around the table- they make the tablesetting so warm and inviting, and set the scene so perfectly for this time of the year, without obstructing anyone around the table!

Ritz Tablecloth


Cambridge Napkins

Savannah Napkins

Top it off with Napkins & Accents:

No holiday tablescape is complete without napkins, and one of the easiest ways to create that wow effect is with accents! 

Orchard Napkin Ring (Pumpkin)

There are no rules, there is no right or wrong for creating the tablesetting. Just let it be a reflection of you, how you would like to entertain your guests and the atmosphere you want to create in your home.  As long as you have that in mind, however you will create it, it will be beautiful.