Why Mode Living? Because every meal deserves a well-dressed table…

It all really started with dinner parties, lots and lots of dinner parties, and not a whole lot of variety of linens on the market to choose from. Not to mention, the ones that I was purchasing were either pilling or filled with wine stains!

As I was preparing for yet another dinner, I relayed to my dear friend, Verda, at the time living in Turkey, my linen situation here in the US, and she came up with the solution: Luxury, easycare, wine-resistant linens…all made in Turkey. Everyone uses them here, she said, you should try them too! And with that, came a few tablecloths, and a few more, and here we are, with quite a large selection of our own unique tablecloths to share with others, who also have an affinity for entertaining. Having grown up in a Persian household, entertaining is in my blood and very much a part of my culture and for Verda, having grown up in Turkey, is a natural at it, so much so, I used to call her a “Modern Martha.” Now, Modern Martha and I have launched into an entirely new sphere of work, one filled with lots of highs, and some lows, and most of all, lots of passion for what we do.

As both passionate about entertaining and valuing quality meals, we know how difficult it can be to clean up after a dinner party, or how upsetting it is to ruin your favorite linen with a wine stain. So we created a collection that is versatile to use- whether it’s for when your girlfriends come over for a coffee, or when you have your in-laws for dinner- and easy to care for: We’ve made them wine and liquid resistant so you can easily wipe those spills away and most of them machine washable and not needing much ironing.  (Stayed tuned for more detailed tips about how to care for your linens 😊)

From everyday staples, use-for-anytime-with-anything placemats and runners to fancier table linens, we’ve got you covered with Mode Living. Beautiful tablesettings shouldn’t be just for the Holidays or special occasions, or take half of your day to prep for it, but one that you can put together effortlessly, whether it’s for everyday or an occasion. Because every meal deserves a table that’s well dressed for it.